Comic book legend Edd Stubb has seen a tremendous amount of comic book history starting in 1962 with DC titles.

Did You Know?

Edd has owned Action Comics #1 and Batman #1 ! Both were bought from Rocket’s Blast Comicollector (RBCC) in 1972 at $200 each.

Batman #1 was sold to the University Of Maryland library in 1973 for $235.

Edd has met in person: Vaughn Bode in 1974- possibly the first transgender underground artist, Robert Crumb (received a rare autograph by Crumb who signed a History Of Underground Comic Books), Frank Frazetta (Frank gave Edd Weird Science Fantasy #29 signed after his dad watched Frazetta’s kids), Jack Kirby, Barry Windsor Smith and Bernie Wrightson.

Edd is a friend of comic book distribution legend Steve Geppi. As a matter of fact, Edd schooled Geppi on what the comic book collecting scene was all about back during the time of the Maryland Funnybook Festival. Edd organized the 1968 festival.

That is a little bit about Edd. Also, he does create some artwork from time to time. Today a few of his original work’s will be posted. They will be for sale. Shipping costs to be determined.